Grass seed

We offer a bespoke grass seed service that includes a range of different mixtures to suit your needs

McCreath Simpson & Prentice have a desire to provide our customers with successful crops through seed quality, variety selection and unequalled husbandry support, which is as important now as it has always been.

Whether we are facing prolonged dry or wet weather, time after time, we see the younger leys in a well-managed rotation handling these challenges better than expected and contribute greatly.

Low yielding or even damaged fields after the wet winter will need attention, so take the chance – especially if fodder stocks are higher than normal – to discuss seed/rotation options with any one of our representatives.

Forage crops are another valuable source of homegrown feed offering versatility and options to any business, with many arable operations now looking at the advantages for introducing crops which double up as soil improvers along with an extra income opportunity.

As always, we have only first choice varieties in our mixtures – ones from SAC and NIAB recommended lists – and we evaluate all attributes of a variety to then produce balanced mixtures to suit our clients.


Please get in touch to find out more on all our seed options:

  • River Mixtures
  • Green Manuring
  • Bespoke Mixtures
  • Environmental
  • Fodder Crops
  • Soil “Lift & Fix” Mixtures
  • Game Cover Crops
  • Amenity Grasses

Check out our 2022 Grass Seed Brochure HERE.