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As expert agricultural merchants in the UK, McCreath Simpson & Prentice are your partners in farming. We offer a variety of services to set farmers up for success, from advice on crop rotations to the supply of tailor-made fertilisers or grain trading options.

100 years of experience

With a team of industry experts, many of whom have come to us from farming backgrounds, and over 100 years of experience, we are the go-to agricultural suppliers in the UK. Discover why we are the agricultural merchants of choice for UK farmers…

“ Being connected to both an outstanding merchanting and malting business gives my business the confidence to continue to successfully grow malting barley on long-term supply agreements, helping to overcome some of farming’s uncertain future.”

Neil McIver, McIver Contracting Ltd - Inverness

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As a notable agricultural merchant in the UK, we credit our success to the exceptional working relationships we have formed with our customers and growers. We work side-by-side with farmers to produce quality products for marketing in a sustainable and innovative way.

Together with our customers, we've accomplished great things. McCreath Simpson & Prentice continues to expand, giving more and more farmers access to our quality portfolio. Working with our parent company, Simpsons Malt, we achieve efficiencies through integration leading to recognised global success and a strong position in the marketplace.


Our expert team of agricultural suppliers in the UK offer a fully integrated agricultural merchant UK service. From soil analysis, to agronomy, to the supply of top-quality seeds, we understand every aspect of the grain market and work with our loyal customers to achieve long-term sustainability and farm profitability.

“ Leading the way through our integrated supply chain in supporting our farmer customers for a sustainable and profitable future.”

Andy Hindhaugh, Commercial Director (2017)

Added Value


Your success is our success. Get unlimited access to FACTS and BASIS qualified agronomists and a dedicated team of experienced McCreath Simpson & Prentice staff all eager to help you succeed with expert advice and top-quality products.


The secret to our long history as UK agricultural merchants? Adapting to the demands of the marketplace. To ensure we're always on the front foot, we constantly invest in new technology and embrace change.

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