Grain trader

Our knowledgeable UK agricultural consultants work closely with arable farmers, taking time to understand individual requirements to help you successfully take your grain to market

Over the years, as grain traders we have developed strong links with both arable farmers and the end users of arable produce, meaning we have a unique perspective into both aspects of the market.

Focussing on a range of UK-grown arable products, we trade in a wide geographic area stretching from North Yorkshire to Caithness, and we’ve earned a reputation as a reliable, innovative, and professional business partner.

Sourcing suitable consumers of arable products and meeting their ever-changing requirements are challenges for the modern farmer. McCreath, Simpson & Prentice help farmers to overcome these challenges by working with the end users to understand the needs of the industry and supporting farmers to meet them.

We have close relationships with maltsters, flour mills, grain distillers, feed compounders, oat mills, OSR crushers and organic consumers. This makes us the ideal partner to support your business, helping you to market your grain safe in the knowledge that you are growing to a specification that the market needs.

We offer a range of services to meet your requirements. Take a look at these services and how we will work with you:

  1. Expert advice from independent advisors

Our contact with growers starts from before the first seed is in the ground – this is important as it allows us the opportunity t advise on all aspects of the growth of this crop. Because we have strong relationships with the consumers of arable products, we know what it takes to meet their quality standards. We work with consumers to fully understand their business needs, and then work with farmers to achieve this.

We will regularly assess your land, provide expert feedback on your processes, work with you to set and reach targets, and personally assess your produce to advise whether they will meet consumers’ specifications.

  1. In-house purchasing

As the agricultural trading division of Simpsons Malt, we can offer long-term or spot purchase contracts to malting barley producers for in-house consumption. We will work closely with you, advising on specifications, helping you to meet them, and purchasing directly from you.

  1. Haulage and storage

Part of a fully integrated supply chain, we run our own fleet of lorries meaning we can arrange pick up and deliveries of seed and raw products. We also provide storage and certified quality testing facilities.

  1. Additional support services

Additionally, we can provide farmers with tailored financing solutions to accommodate a range of cash flow requirements and risk profiles.

Looking for expert grain traders or grain marketing support? To find out how McCreath Simpson & Prentice can help to support your business, get in touch with one of our helpful team members today.