Nitrate Based Fertilisers

We supply the YaraBela range of nitrate-based fertilisers

The YaraBela nitrogen fertiliser range has been proven to assist in the strong, prolonged growth of fertile crops.

YaraBela fertilisers are pure nutrients, offering the required precision efficiency and reliability to meet the agronomic and environmental needs of modern agriculture.

Among the strengths of the YaraBela range is that it gives immediately available nitrogen – present as nitrate and ammonium – for plant uptake.

Also, where included, sulphur is present as calcium sulphate, which is highly soluble so reaches plant roots quickly.

Environmentally, meanwhile, the YaraBela range gives low volatilisation losses, reduced leaching, and has a considerably lower carbon footprint and environmental index than urea-based fertilisers.

YaraBela Products


YaraBela AXAN
27% N + 9% SO3

YaraBela AXAN is a uniform compound granular nitrate-based nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser with an N:S ratio of 7.5:1 suitable for use on all crops.

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24% N + 15% SO3

YaraBela SULPHAN is a quality compound nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser with an N:S ratio of 4:1 suitable for all crops, particularly those with a higher sulphur requirement.

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25% N + 5% SO3, Na and Se

YaraBela NUTRI BOOSTER is a unique fertiliser for use on grass. Based on calcium ammonium nitrate as the nitrogen source, it offers the farmer the option of applying nitrogen and sulphur coupled with selenium.

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YaraBela CAN
27% N

YaraBela CAN is a quality granular calcium ammonium nitrate-based nitrogen fertiliser for use on any crop.

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33.5% N

YaraBela EXTRAN is the superior quality granular nitrogen fertiliser on the market – granular ammonium nitrate fertiliser suitable for use on all crops.

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26% N + 35% SO3

YaraBela SULFAN is a compound nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser, also known as ASN (Ammonium Sulphate Nitrate), which is ideal for use on crops with an increased sulphur demand (eg. oil seed rape).

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