Winter Wheat

We supply a wide range of winter wheat seed for your farming requirements

Selecting the correct variety – or varieties – is an incredibly important decision for any winter wheat grower to make, with many aspects needing to be taken into consideration.

Here at McCreath Simpson & Prentice, we work closely with all the leading plant breeders to ensure we stock varieties that suit regional and end user requirements.

We also operate our own winter wheat variety trials each year at Mountfair Farm near Duns in the Scottish Borders.

Here, our team of BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomists analyse more than 20 winter wheat varieties throughout the season – from new, up-and-coming varieties to old stalwarts – and are able to pass on recommendations to their customers.

Our latest varietal analysis can be watched in the video above, while you can read more information HERE. Below, meanwhile, are a selection of the varieties that we have seed stock for.




With an exceptionally high untreated yield and very high Septoria tritici resistance, KWS Extase is one of the most exciting varieties around at the moment.

KWS Extase also has excellent grain characteristics and good marketability.

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nabim GROUP 3 SOFT



KWS Barrel is a popular variety in the north of the country due to its very high northern yield.

That, combined with its short, stiff straw and robust grain quality, ensures that it is a reliable choice for many growers.

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KWS Firefly is a great performer on heavy land, while it also has good Septoria tritici resistance.

However, this short, stiff strawed variety is considerably lower yielding in the north than other regions in the United Kingdom.

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Approved onto the AHDB Recommended List in 2021, LG Illuminate is a variety with lots of potential.

Among its qualities include its versatility, high northern yield and good marketability, so it is sure to drive some interest moving forward.

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Like LG Illuminate, LG Astronomer is another variety from Limagrain that was approved onto the AHDB Recommended List in 2021.

A very high untreated yield and tremendous disease resistance package are among its positive attributes.

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Merit is a variety that yields best on heavier soils, while it also performs well as a second wheat.

Among its other qualities are good disease resistance, in particular to yellow rust and brown rust, and its range of market options.

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With its very high northern yield, it’s no surprise that LG Skyscraper is the wheat variety with the highest market share in Scotland.

It’s also great as both a first and second wheat and performs well on both light and heavy soils.

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LG Spotlight is renowned for its exceptional grain quality, boasting the highest Hagberg and specific weight of all soft wheats on the Recommended List.

In a poor year, it is also seen as a low risk variety, with good sprouting and fusarium resistance.

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KWS Jackal can be best described as a solid, consistent performer.

Its yield is good in the north region, while it is also offers good resistance against yellow rust and mildew. Against Septoria tritici and brown rust, though, it is poor.

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Elation offers a competitive yield, especially on lighter land, while it is also renowned as a good performer as a second wheat.

Elation also has short, stiff straw, a decent specific weight and has been rated ‘Good’ for distilling.

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Revelation was removed from the AHDB Recommended List in 2021 due to its yield, which is now well below competitor varieties.

Nevertheless, it offers suitability for early drilling, good disease resistance and is rated ‘Good’ for distilling.

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RGT Saki is a high yielding variety with generally decent disease resistance, particularly to Septoria tritici, yellow rust and brown rust.

The variety from RAGT Seeds is also good as both a first and second wheat and performs well on all soil types.

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Swallow from Senova Ltd is a short, very stiff variety with early maturity that has been found to be particularly high yielding in the northern region.

It has also been rated ‘Good’ for distilling, while it has been noted for its exceptionally high alcohol yield.

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Not on the AHDB Recommended List anymore due to its yield no longer being competitive, Grafton still possesses qualities that makes it appealing for growers.

These include its grain quality, suitability for early drilling and it being short, stiff and early to mature variety.

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A variety from Syngenta UK, Graham has been on the AHDB Recommended List since 2016.

Its qualities include a high untreated yield, suitability for early drilling and its strong all-round disease resistance, especially to Septoria tritici, yellow rust and mildew.

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Gleam is the market leading hard wheat variety, largely due to its high yield and consistency.

It does have other strengths though, including its wide, flexible drilling window and suitability as either a first or a second wheat.

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SY Insitor is the highest yielding variety on the AHDB Recommended List for the north region.

It is a noticeably tall variety but responds well to PGR, while it has good grain quality with high Hagberg and specific weight.

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RGT Wolverine has a special claim to fame in that it is the UK’s first commercially available wheat variety with barley yellow dwarf virus resistance.

It’s also high yielding in the north region, has a high Hagberg and is potentially suitable for early drilling.

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If you’d like anymore information on any of these winter wheat varieties, please contact your farm representative directly or get in touch with us.