The Tyne Mixture

Everything you need to know about this Short Term Ley grass seed mixture


This mixture includes:

Meribel Diploid Italian Ryegrass
Gemini Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass

RECOMMENDED SOWING RATE: 20-30 kgs/ha (8-12 kgs/acre)


  • Designed for high production up to three cuts of silage or intensive grazing.
  • Early spring growth.
  • Quick to establish so can be used as a catchcrop.


  • Very responsive to fertiliser nitrogen.
  • Will produce high yields of good D-value silage.


  • Cut at or about five days after ear emergence (mid to late May) for optimum D-value. Take second cut four to five weeks later to avoid too much stem. A third cut is feasible, although quantity and quality may be less.


  • Use approximately half the stated sowing rate and use as catchcrop sowing after an early harvest for ploughing the following spring.
  • Red clover can be included to increase overall feed value; the weight of grass may be reduced in proportion.
  • Will not last more than two years.
  • By introducing a few kilos of hybrid and/or mid or late perennial tetraploid ryegrass (up to half the weight) and reduce the weight of Italian in proportion, you will be able to use this mixture for grazing.


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