Game feed & cover crops

Looking for game bird feed for sale? Or cover crops? McCreath Simpson & Prentice is the supplier you need.

Covering Scotland and the North East we supply top quality game feed and cover crops that meet your requirements.

We understand the importance a balance of protein, vitamins and minerals is for producing well-grown, healthy, high-flying birds. The key to successful shoots is the supply of vital energy feeds for strength.

We work closely with game producers in the North East and Scotland to ensure the region continues to be renowned throughout the world for its quality shoots, and we have a comprehensive advice service to ensure we meet your requirements.

When it comes to cover crops, McCreath Simpson & Prentice can provide the right option to suit your land and requirements.  We understand the importance of managing soil erosion, fertility and quality through the use of cover crops as well as supporting wildlife.

To complement our game bird feed for sale and cover crops, we also provide a full advisory service to our farming customers. Working closely with our farmers and growers we can offer tailored advice to help you get the most from your agri business.

Would you like to find out more about our service or make your first order? Please contact us to today.