Agrochemicals distributor

Independent from any single manufacturer, we can supply the best chemistry for individual specifications.

Our parent company, Simpsons Malt, is one of the largest grain purchasers in the North of England and Scotland, so the focus of this team is always the quality of the crop.

We pride ourselves on being independent of any single manufacturer, and products are selected on the best chemistry for situation.

Every member of this team is a qualified agronomist — and they spend all their time out in the fields, giving them a wealth of regional knowledge and you the confidence that they can suggest the best options available for you. All recommendations are then presented as an audited report using the Greenlight Grower Management system.

The use of active ingredients continues to become increasingly restricted, which makes our partnership with our customers ever more important — we have to look at stewardship for long-term sustainability.

We encourage all our customers to take advantage of our agronomy package — it includes advice on everything from rotations, cropping, sowing rates, and seed dressings.

Once recommendations are discussed and agreed, we understand that you need those products on your farm as quickly as possible. We have our own fleet of vans, which means we can get products to you quickly and efficiently, as and when you need them.

McCreath Simpson & Prentice runs trials at Beal Farm in Northumberland and Mountfair Farm in Berwickshire. We also partner with organisations such as NIAB/TAG and Scottish Agronomy to make sure that its advice is absolutely up-to-the-minute.