ICL Fertilizers UK

We work closely with ICL to supply their high-quality fertilisers to you

At MSP, we’re delighted to work closely with ICL Fertilizers UK, a company that has been mining and producing high-quality fertilisers for more than 50 years.

Part of the Israel Chemicals Limited Fertilizer group, ICL Fertilizers UK is headquartered at Boulby Mine in the North York Moors and provides a single, convenient source of a broad selection of high-quality P & K based fertilisers, offering multiple grades and formulations and delivered economically.

In 2011, ICL became the first and only company in the world to commercially mine polyhalite from its Boulby Mine, from a depth of 1,200m underneath the North Sea.

Marketed today as PolysulphateTM, this naturally occurring multi-nutrient sulphate fertiliser containing sulphur, potash, magnesium and calcium has been proven to improve crop quality and deliver growers increased yields and profits.

PolysulphateTM  is one of a host of ICL products that are available to our farming customers, and you can read more about each of those below:

Granular Triple Super Phosphate (GTSP)

Granular Triple Super Phosphate (GTSP), pictured left, is a high-quality, high-analysis phosphate fertiliser (46% P2O5) that is very efficient, since the water-soluble phosphate it contains is quickly and easily absorbed by plants.

Available as a 3mm granular product, GTSP is ideal for being a straight source of phosphate on all crops, for correcting a phosphate deficiency or for combined drilling or placement of phosphate in the seed bed.

For more information on GTSP, click here.

Granular Potash (GMOP)

ICL Granular Potash (GMOP) is a 60% K2O high-analysis potash fertiliser.

Commonly known as muriate of potash (MOP), potassium chloride is the most used potash fertilisers in global agriculture. GMOP is an ideal source of straight potash for most crops and soils and is also used in our blended fertiliser products.

Available as a 3mm granular product, potash is an essential nutrient needed to maximise yield and quality and improve nutrient use efficiency.

For more information on GMOP, click here.


PolysulphateTM, pictured left, is a high-quality, naturally occurring multi-nutrient fertiliser containing sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium all in sulphate form, with all of the nutrients fully soluble and available for plant uptake.

Due to its low chloride content and organic status, PolysulphateTM  is suitable for use on any type of crop, on all types of soils and in any production system.

PolysulphateTM  has a unique nutrient availability pattern that provides a prolonged release of sulphur and other nutrients to the crop during its growth and this reduces the risk of losses through leaching. Particularly sulphate.

As a 3mm product, PolysulphateTM  can be used for direct application as a sulphur fertiliser containing potash, magnesium and calcium, suitable for use in the autumn at planting and as a spring sulphur application to reduce the risk of leaching. It has the benefit of all being suitable for chloride sensitive crops and is approved as an input for organic farming systems.

For more information on PolysulphateTM, click here.


PotashpluS, pictured left, is a specially formulated potash fertiliser combining muriate of potash (MOP) and PolysulphateTM in equal quantities in an ideal potash and sulphur balance.

PotashpluS also contains essential magnesium and calcium due to the inclusion of PolysulphateTM and benefits from the advantages of Polysulphate. In comparison to GMOP, Potashplus has a lower chloride content and offers more prolonged nutrient release, reducing the possibility of losses through leaching.

PotashpluS  can be used as a straight fertiliser to provide the crop with all of its potash and sulphur needs in a single application plus magnesium and calcium. It can also be used as a valuable multi nutrient source to enhance NPK blends.

For more information on PotashpluS, click here.

Granular PK

Granular PK fertilisers are an ideal source of phosphate and potash for all crops.

All Granular PK products are fully soluble, produced to the highest standards, and are ideal for autumn application and also as a spring applied product, delivering superior yields, as well as increased quality and profitability for the farmer.

These Granular PK products can be used as a straight fertiliser, applied in the seedbed or during the winter for autumn-sown cereals and for maintaining phosphate and potash levels in the soil in a single application.

For more information on Granular PK, click here.

Granular PKpluS

PKpluS, pictured left, is a range of tailor made, premium, high-quality granulated fertilisers, formulated with PolysulphateTM.

PolysulphateTM adds extra nutrients into the formula and lowers chloride. All PKpluS products contain magnesium, sulphur and calcium to improve yield and quality.

With PKpluS, you have five macronutrients in one single application and the formula can also be tailor made for specific crops and soil types.

For maximum benefit, PKpluS should be used as a straight fertiliser, for combine drilling or placement and for application into the seedbed or at planting. It is equally suitable as an autumn application to winter-sown crops or spring application on to spring crops to provide your crop with all its nutrition in one application.

For more information on Granular PKpluS, click here.

Agricultural Salt

At MSP, we also stock Agricultural Salt from ICL. Sodium is an essential nutrient for many crops of ‘maritime’ origin such as sugar and fodder beet. It is also recommended for use on crops such as asparagus, celery and carrots.

Salt is also used widely in livestock systems, with it stimulating appetite, minimising the need for topping pastures, increasing the intake of grazed grass, helping improve milk yield from grass, helping to reduce Hypomagnesaemia (Grass Staggers) and assisting in reducing somatic cell counts.

Agricultural salt is available in a 2-6mm spreadable form and is an ideal product for spreading on to pasture for livestock and on to crops requiring sodium.

For more information on Agricultural Salt, click here.

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