Alzon neo-N

The benefits of Alzon neo-N

Extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more frequent as a result of climate changes, posing huge challenges for farmers – especially when it comes to fertilisation.

Alzon neo-N is an innovative high-quality nitrogen fertiliser, with a high nutrient content boasting 46% Urea. The dual inhibited product contains Nitrification and Urease inhibitors. That’s why we recommend Alzon neo-N as the go-to fertiliser for our customers.

With farmers constantly looking at new ways in which to save time and money and increase yields, let’s explore the benefits of this unique product in more detail…

Weather proof

This nitrogen fertiliser has the ability to cope with extreme weather conditions, due to the inhibitors stabilising the product. Making Alzon neo-N a more effective product whatever the weather, resulting in less time in the fields fixing issues and higher yields.

Time saving

No need for several applications, Alzon neo-N has an extended efficacy of up to 30 days compared with the main competitor product which only has 9 days.


It provides a consistent availability of nutrient, matching nutrient availability to plant requirement, thus reducing any losses.


The fertiliser does not contain a coating; therefore, it cannot be ‘rubbed’ off. It is integrated within the product and continuously ‘works’ as the Urea breaks down to become available to the plant. This, again, makes it highly efficient at minimising loses.

Easily distributed

As this is a granular product it spreads up to 36ms with the correct calibrations.

More environmentally friendly

Alzon neo-N is better for air quality, water quality and the climate. The urease inhibitor present in the product reduces the risk of higher ammonia losses almost completely, while the nitrification inhibitor can reduce nitrate leaching from the root area by up to 50%.

All round Alzon neo-N is a very effective product, that will give you the results you want as well as offering benefits to the environment.  As your partners in farming, at MSP we recommend and advise on the best solutions to suit your farm and tailor our service to suit.


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