Retiring Susie Law thanked for 45 years of service

McCreath Simpson & Prentice (MSP) has bid a fond farewell to Senior Fertiliser Administrator & Stock Controller Susie Law, who has retired from the company after more than 45 years of service.

Susie joined grain merchant John Prentice in 1976 and became part of the McCreath Simpson & Prentice team in 1983, when MSP acquired the John Prentice business.

The vast majority of Susie’s career has been spent in the fertiliser division of the business, working alongside George Ross, Mike Thompson, Ian Robson, Chris Matthews, Andy Richardson and, latterly, current Fertiliser Director David Barrett.

When Susie first started at MSP, she worked closely with fertiliser companies ICI, Fisons and Shell UK. As the business grew, a fertiliser blending plant was built and has expanded over the years, with Susie playing a significant part in the company producing an increased tonnage and requiring extra storage.

Director David McCreath OBE said: “It is people who make companies and Susie’s contribution in making MSP what it is today has been simply marvellous.

“In recent years, our fertiliser tonnage has grown, our levels of quality and service are both good and the future is looking promising following the acquisition of the grain merchanting division of W.N. Lindsay Ltd, so Susie is certainly going out at the top.

“After Storm Arwen and Storm Barra, Susie’s husband Ian – a self-employed builder – has enough work to keep him going for the next ten years so Susie may move on to a new full-time job as Ian’s labourer. I know she does this, as one weekend I had a problem my chimneys and out came Susie with Ian to help put up the scaffolding, epitomising the type of person that she is.

“We’d like to thank Susie for her incredible service and hope she enjoys a long, healthy and happy retirement.”