MSP announces new customer portal, MyMSP

At MSP, we believe in championing agri-tech in every form – that’s why we’re excited to announce a new online customer portal, MyMSP. This portal gives our customers access to all information relating to their business with MSP.

Key Features

Registration is quick and easy – simply head to the MSP website, fill in the form on the ‘login’ page with your details and we’ll activate your account. You can also easily access MyMSP on your mobile phone.

Access everything in real time, from your account balance to your delivery information. Your orders are clearly displayed and can be exported as PDFs or as Excel spreadsheets. This means no more waiting around for order details – simply log in on the go to know when your delivery is arriving.

View electronic copies of your invoices, contracts, orders, delivery and collection notes as soon as they’re raised. No more having to collate countless paper copies, as it’s all conveniently stored online for you to access whenever and wherever you please.

Grain sales and deliveries are summarised in handy charts for easy comparison. You can also see the results of pre-harvest sampling and intake analysis tests as soon as they have carried out – an invaluable tool for busy farmers who need to have access to their information out on the farm.

MyMSP offers so many benefits to our partners, saving them time, efficiently storing and displaying all their information and generally make life easier for them.

Register for MyMSP here and find out more about our investment in agri-tech in our blog about Skippy Scout. You can also get in touch today to find out how we can help your farming business.