Our Farm: Spring crops drilled & spraying plans

It’s been just over three weeks since our last visit to the company farm at West Burton, near the village of Bamburgh in Northumberland, and it’s fair to say quite a bit has changed in that short time.

The oil seed rape is just starting to flower. It’s looking a little bit sorry for itself at the moment and that’s largely down to the cooler than usual temperatures we’ve experienced over the past couple of weeks.

But it’ll grow away from it and, as soon as it starts to warm up, it’ll be looking well.

The oil seed rape has now had all of its fertiliser and so, too, has the winter barley.

We’ve done our first spray with a little bit of PGR, we’ve tackled some wild oats and given it a little bit of fungicide and now we’re gearing up for a main spray at T1.

We’re counting down to T0 on winter wheat. The cold weather has slowed things down but we’ve still got a spray planned because it’s a good insurance policy and means we won’t have to stretch our timings between T1 and T2.

So we won’t need to bring T1 forward to control any rust or other major disease issues. We’re going to stick with our plan and do a T0 and that will keep our timings throughout the spray programme right on to give us the best chance of keeping the crop clean and healthy.

Winter wheat

We’ve now got all of our spring crops drilled into some really good conditions.

The land that was worked in the winter looks fantastic, as do the crops drilled after cover crops, which required a bit of patience so a big thanks to Richard Sprot and his contracting team for that.

We’re now just waiting for the spring crops to come through the ground and hopefully we’ll have some rain soon to avoid the same issues that we had last year, when there was an exceptionally dry spring that caused quite a lot of stress in the plants.

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