Muddy Boots

The importance of collating your farm data

Farming technology has evolved beyond recognition in recent years, and successful farmers utilise the latest innovations to benefit their farm business performance.

One area in particular that has transformed how farmers manage their business and farm data is mobile technology. Having access to records, data and advice remotely offers the potential to make better and quicker decisions, leading to a more efficient business.

As we work in the volatile global market, farm efficiencies are the main focal point for profitability – looking at where we can adjust our management practices to improve the bottom line.

The science behind maximising performance has never been so critical to profitability and this can be from seed variety, cultivation techniques and spray applications, to name a few.

At MSP we want to work with our customers to access all the information they need in order to be successful. We constantly look for ways in which we can help – we do this by investing in research and development, providing specialist agronomy advice, maintaining our high standard of products and service, but also looking externally for additions to our service in which we can all benefit from.

We’ve been working with Muddy Boots, who provide a cloud-based farm data management program that allows farmers and agronomists to create ag-chem and fertiliser plans, review applications and activities, share crop and field records and view soil test data to ensure crops meet customers’ growing protocols and quality requirements.

“Working with a centralised system enables you to work in more efficient, agile and productive ways, forging close and collaborative relationships with your agronomist and workforce, whilst cutting costs.”

You can also choose from a range of additional modules like weather, soil zones and precision farming to enhance your productivity levels even further.

With the ability to map fields and overlay key data, you can make fully informed decisions from your tractor seat and share with employees, contractors or other key stakeholders to ensure you are making the best choices for your business.

“For farmers, having instant access to crop and farm data is vital, especially when time critical business decisions need to be made in areas like yield optimisation or improving return on effort.”

Muddy Boots are an established and trusted organisation who work with leading companies throughout the supply chain and understand the expectations and demands of all involved, from knowing the soil pH to compliance and traceability. We feel this program is a great fit with MSP’s ethos of working for a better future for our customers.

Muddy Boots are offering a 10% discount to our customers so if you are interested in implementing this system into your farm business management, get in touch with Muddy Boots and quote “MSP”.


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