The importance of investing in new agri-tech for the future of farming

At MSP, we pride ourselves in investing in the future of farming and are always looking for new products that can help us deliver compelling, productive and cost-effective services within the agriculture industry.

Innovation is so vital to the continued success of the agriculture industry – as farmers face increasing pressures and challenges, they need technology that will save them time and generally make their lives easier.

With this need in mind, we are getting behind Drone AG and investing £30,000 in the development of its new software, Skippy Scout.

Skippy Scout is an app designed to make crop scouting as simple as possible, using a drone to support collection and analysis of data. It was created out of a need to increase productivity in field walking and crop inspections, while increasing the level of detail of the inspections.

The software has just completed its first development and testing phase, with MSP partnered in the trials from the outset. Our agronomists have seen increased efficiency from using Skippy Scout by accurately targeting where any agrochemical intervention is needed on a field.

Before embarking on the next round of development, Drone AG has launched a crowdfunding campaign with the hope of raising a total of £250,000 from private investors. As advocates of agri-tech advancements, our investment forms part of this required figure.

The demonstrable advantages of Skippy Scout have encouraged us to get behind the product and invest in its development. Previous technical solutions we have viewed have been cumbersome and we were not convinced that they provided a practical solution to the challenges that farmers and agronomists face when it comes to accurately inspecting crops. Skippy Scout, however, is an affordable drone system that is simple to use and delivers real benefits for farmers, agronomists and potentially the whole supply chain.

Investing in the future of farming is not a new concept for MSP – our team champions the use of technology in the sector and has previously partnered with other agri-tech companies including Muddy Boots.


At MSP, we have the technical knowledge to help optimise the productivity of your farm – our experts can provide bespoke advice on all aspects of your agri-business, so get in touch today.