A Dram With…Ben Gothorp

So you can get to know us better each month we catch up with one of our team, our partners or fellow customers as part of our A Dram With… series.

This month we caught up with Ben Gothrop. Since joining the MSP team as a graduate in August 2016, Ben has quickly found his footing as Technical Officer.

We chatted with Ben, one of the youngest members of the team, about his role, his beginnings with MSP and what he brings to the team. Let’s see what he had to say…

What attracted you to a role with MSP?

“I am passionate about farming and wanted to live in Northumberland. This alongside the diverse range of opportunities that MSP can offer was a very attractive prospect.

“MSP are always looking to add value to what they are doing, whether it be through a targeted approach to agronomy or by working closely alongside brewing and distilling customers to carefully select and trial new varieties for malting. With MSP’s unique integrated supply chain, there is a vast array of opportunities for someone looking to be involved within the industry.”

What is your background?

“I studied Biology at the University of Leeds, then joined MSP as a graduate.”

What do you bring to your role at MSP?

“I bring more of a technical view towards things, really digging down into the nitty gritty of what may be happening behind the scenes. I am interested in technological advances and innovation, always with the aim of keeping the agriculture industry moving forward.”

Describe a day in your role at MSP?

“That depends on the time of year. I may spend the day collecting and analysing results and data from trials or walking fields and inspecting crops or discussing crop varieties or nutrition plans. I also manage the company farm, so this takes up some of my time.”

What advice would you give to a farmer looking to start working with MSP?

“Just ask the question. We are all friendly and have our own specialist topics, so someone will be able to help you, no matter the problem.”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

“I play rugby for Alnwick RFC which pretty much takes up all my time. When I’m not playing rugby, I enjoy the occasional game of golf.”

What is the biggest challenge facing farming today?

“Probably predicting what will happen post-Brexit, however we also face challenges with restrictions on current fertilisers and pesticides with limited options on the horizon. Also scientific advances are going to become hugely important to increase productivity and profitability at a farm level.”

You’re in the pub, and can choose ANY drink and ANY song to play – what would these be?

“A good pint of Guinness, and “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons.”


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