A Dram With… Sarah Lugget, Junior Grain Trader

A recent addition to the team, Sarah Lugget works as a Junior Grain Trader at MSP. Attracted by an interest in the agri sector, Sarah provides MSP’s farming customers and growers with up-to-the-minute information about grain movements and deliveries.

We caught up with Sarah to find out more about her role, the current market challenges and what she gets up to outside of work.

When did you start working at MSP?

“I started working at MSP in April of this year.”

What attracted you to a role with MSP?

“I liked the idea of learning about a new industry and having a career within a well-respected local company.”

What is your background?

“I like to think I’m a ‘people person’, having studied Psychology and Sociology for four years immediately after leaving school and then undertaking a full-time customer facing sales role in the woodburning and multifuel stove industry. I hope to be able to apply some skills learned in these environments in my current role..”

Describe a day in your role at MSP?

“Currently, my days consist of inputting contracts and orders from our sales reps and fellow traders. I also focus on logistics in relation to deliveries and movement of grain, which means I maintain regular communication with our transport department, farmers and our customers.

“Having just completed my first harvest within the company I have had the opportunity to learn more about the processes from start to finish.”

What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

“It’s important to remain aware of global and domestic issues, as anything from political to environmental issues can have a significant impact on the market. Sometimes the impact of these changes can be seen immediately, but it can also take time to filter through. It’s important to be able to communicate market information effectively and efficiently to growers and this is the part of the role I really enjoy – I am naturally inquisitive.

“Sustainability and traceability are becoming ever more important in the food and drink industry. End users are looking to have traceability on raw materials from field to fork. We have a platform known as MyMSP which growers and end users alike can sign up to, giving them the information they are looking for. We are looking to build on this further which is exciting.”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

“I like to maintain my fitness, attending a local gym throughout the week. When I’m not in the gym, I enjoy cooking and eating! It’s all about balance.”

What, in your opinion, is the biggest challenge facing farming today?

“I would have to say Brexit and the weather! Both of which are mostly out with our control.

“In particular, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is providing the biggest challenge as the impacts on the agricultural and food and drink industry supply chains are still unknown.”

You’re in the pub, and can choose ANY drink and ANY song to play – what would these be?

“My drink choice would most definitely be between a cold lager or a G&T. I like most music, for the pub I’ll go with Bastille – Pompeii.”


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