A Dram with… Robert Ord, Agronomist

Robert Ord is part of our dedicated agronomy team, helping farmers to deliver high quality, high yield crops. His years of experience allow him to offer MSP clients a wealth of knowledge to support them from seed to harvest. From crop walking to soil analysis, his role as an agronomist covers a wide variety of areas on which he provides expert insight and advice.

We sat down with Robert for a dram, where he told us all about what he enjoys most about his role, the latest in cutting-edge agri-tech and the developments he’s seen in the sector over the last few years.


What attracted you to a role with MSP?

“Working as an agronomist at MSP offered a diverse role in a field I was passionate about, but also one that I was well connected and comfortable within.”


Describe a typical day in your role at MSP

“No two days are the same, which is one of the best things about my job. But most days, I will either be walking fields, or out and about meeting our farming customers.”


What is your area of expertise?

“Crop production, nutrient management, and agri-tech.”


What’s best thing about your job at MSP?

“I work with a good team of people that have the same thought processes, similar interests and are all working to the same goals.

“The atmosphere is great and being around people that want to succeed makes it easier to work harder, put in the yards when you need to and enjoy it when you can. There’s never a dull day.”


You work closely with DroneAG and their Skippy Scout product – why would you recommend this piece of agri-tech to farmers?

“The Skippy Scout platform is the start of something really special! This tool is going to be a part of many applications going forward. At present, the app offers real time savings for the farmer or agronomist, autonomously flying the drone over the crops and feeding back high levels of detail simply and efficiently.

“The features of the app will also give the farmer a list of other data such as plant counts, weed ID, disease cover, field boundaries, crop type and so on. There has been a massive interest in this product due to the time saving features, but also because of its affordability”.


What trends are emerging in agronomy?

“There’s definitely been a move towards plant to plant treatment and a slow movement away from blanket application.”


What advice would you give to a farmer looking to become an MSP grower?

“Quality is key. It’s all about putting the right crop in the right place at the right time.”


What is the biggest challenge facing farmers today?

“Climate is a big issue, but the uncertainty of Brexit, world markets, and public perception

are also having an impact.”


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“When you’re going through hell… Keep bloody going!”


You’re in the pub, and can choose ANY drink and ANY song to play – what would these be?

“A pint of Guinness and Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.”



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