A Dram With… David McCreath, Group Fleet Manager

David McCreath is the person who keeps all of the MSP and Simpsons Malt fleet running smoothly. As our Group Fleet Manager, David and his team ensures all of our customers’ deliveries and collections are handled efficiently and get to where they’re going to on time.

With a career spanning 35 with the MSP and Simpsons Malt group, David’s experience within the organisation is extensive, having worked across a number of departments. We caught up with David to get to know him a bit better in the latest of our A Dram With… blog series.

When did you start working at MSP?

“I’ve been working at MSP since 1984.”

What is your background?

“I left school and joined MSP straight away. I’ve worked in a range of departments, from general grass seed to agrochemicals. I‘ve done basically everything there is to do at MSP!

“I’ve always been quite interested in lorries, so I just naturally fell into working with the fleet. I did my Class 1 exam when I was 21 and my career in fleet management went from there.”

Describe a day in your role at MSP?

“I generally make sure everything is running smoothly – that all our drivers know what’s on the task list for the day, all our vehicle maintenance is up to date and that nothing has been overlooked.”

What’s the best part of your role as Group Fleet Manager?

“Making sure all of our customers receive their deliveries and collections on time and getting all of it done as a team.”

What’s the biggest challenge of managing the MSP and Simpsons Malt fleet of vehicles?

“I think the biggest challenge is the time restraints we have to comply with – driver’s hours, opening and closing times … there’s just never enough time in the day.”

How do you ensure the fleet remains efficient and reliable for MSP customers?

“We buy the latest vehicles and renew the fleet every three to five years and the trailers every five years. They’re all Euro 6, which means they keep up to the latest emissions standards.”

Tell us an interesting fact about the fleet e.g. number of miles travelled each year

“The fleet travels around 1.7 million miles a year – so a lot of deliveries!”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

“Fishing and horse racing are my two main hobbies. There’s a group of us at MSP and Simpsons Malt who lease a racehorse called Mymilan based with Sandy Thomson at Lambden Racing near Eccles in the Scottish Borders. Hopefully he will run six or seven races this coming season.”

You’re in the pub, and can choose ANY drink and ANY song to play – what would these be?

“It might be a pint but probably a Bowmore whisky. For the song, I’ve wracked my brains for something that I liked years and years ago and I’ve come up with a song by Whitesnake – Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City.”

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