David Barrett

Fertiliser Director

David Barrett has over 20 years’ experience in the fertiliser industry.

He has worked in various UK and International roles for Yara spanning over 18 years, gaining a wealth of experience in both commercial and agronomic roles, before taking the challenging and rewarding role of Fertiliser Director for McCreath Simpson & Prentice.

David is responsible for the commercial direction and position of the fertiliser department within the McCreath Simpson & Prentice business, as well as responsibility for the purchasing of specified quality raw materials.

As Fertiliser Director, David’s priority is to ensure, with the help of the highly experienced fertiliser administration and production team, the manufacture, supply and customer service of the best quality fertiliser products, to valued McCreath Simpson & Prentice customers.

His varied roles across all the main agricultural and horticultural crops has allowed him to gain a broad spectrum of nutritional and agronomic knowledge backed up by his professional FACTS and BASIS qualifications.