McCreath Simpson Prentice’s Berwick site is home to a state of the art blending plant

McCreath Simpson Prentices Berwick site is home to a state of the art blending plant. It represents a significant recent investment by MSP in further development of our continuous improvement program to produce high quality fertiliser products.

Designed as a volumetric continuous flow system, incorporating state of the art formulation technology, to ensure accuracy and consistency of our product with high production capacity.

We believe in working with you to ensure maximum returns, so when we supply any input, we offer professional, and qualified, advice to supply the right product for your individual farm with full product traceability.

The FACTS and BASIS qualified team, use your field soil analysis to formulate the correct fertiliser to match accurately the nutritional the requirement of the crop. A custom-made product matching the crop requirements for maximum efficiency, targeting maximum yields.

Flexibility. Accuracy. Efficiency.

Our proximity to Berwick docks also means we are ideally located to keep transport costs and Carbon footprint to a minimum when it comes to importing raw materials – further safe guarding the environment and our ability to remain competitive to benefit our customers.

MSP are also exclusive agents in the North of England and Scotland for Alzon Neo-N. incorporated dual Nitrification and Urease inhibited granular Urea product produced by SKW. PIESTERITZ.